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Mobile Internet Searches, QR Codes, Virtual Business Cards and Mobile Business Apps are not way off in the future  ... they're all here right now and are being utilised every day!

The question that Futuristic Apps has for you is, “Are you ready to take advantage of all this technology or will your customer's be left floundering?”

Today, the vast majority of people want to be able to make an informed decision right away, without delay ... if you are unable to facilitate your customers need to know right now, they will simply avoid your business and go somewhere else.
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In a recent report from Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, she outlined several of the hot trends affecting the Internet in 2012. Right now, in excess of 10% of all internet searches are conducted on a mobile device. What should be of significance to most businesses is that mobile smart phone users are growing faster than predicted and the Android market is stripping chunks of market share from Apple and its iPhone on a daily basis.

In addition, during the last quarter of 2011, mobile 3G users grew by 37% to a global subscription base in excess of 1.1 billion. The tablet market is also exploding with ownership in the United States escalating by more than 1500% in the last three years. With more and more smart phones and tablets within the marketplace, the iTunes App Store now has over 46 million downloads a day.

So what do all these figures mean to the average small to medium business?

It's very straightforward ... become involved and embrace the technology that's bringing these changes to your mobile, tech savvy, customers or find your business left behind by your competition.
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