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Accessing Mobile Apps has developed into an increasingly popular activity for Australians, with in excess of 4.5 million people going online via their mobile each month and this figure just keeps growing.

If your business doesn't have a Mobile App available, your customer's may choose to go somewhere else where their quest for additional information can be met. Consumers are now more knowledgeable than ever before and are not willing to be left guessing when researching for that all important purchase.

In a recently released ACMA Report for 2010-2011, it was revealed that in Australia 37% of mobile phone users had a smartphone and 58% had a 3G phone. Of the smartphone users, 72% downloaded a Mobile App in the six months to April 2011.

The report also listed that the number of Australians using the Internet via their mobile phone for specific tasks during June 2011 included …
     ·     accessed a social networking site - 1.55 million people,
     ·     banking and bill payment - 751,000 people,
     ·     streamed video or movies - 555,000 people,
     ·     streamed audio content - 304,000 people,
     ·     used a VoIP service - 274,000 people   and
     ·     purchased a good or service - 100,000 people.

The ACMA Report concluded that continued consumer adoption of smartphones and growth in the usage of Internet via mobile phones, will encourage further development and use of Mobile Apps in Australia.

With continued growth assured, Futuristic Apps delivers our clients concise and uncomplicated Mobile Apps in an effective and cost-friendly manner due to our no-nonsense design philosophy. This approach when structuring your app makes use of straightforward and instinctive design that will ensure your customer's experience is limited to a few simple taps when navigating through your custom built app.

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