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What is a QR Code? What does it do? Why should I have one, or two, or fifty? These are all great questions, so let's satisfy your curiosity.

A QR or Quick Response Code was developed in Japan in the mid 1990's and was originally used to track products during their manufacturing process.
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As for marketing with QR Codes, it has paralleled the growth and use of smart phones and has become very popular in Europe and Japan over the last decade. As the world becomes more mobile and people's thirst for instant answers continues to grow, so has the use of QR Codes.

Anyone that owns a smart phone will find it very simple to 'scan' a QR Code. All they need is a connection to the Internet and a QR Code Reader App ... and the good news is that the vast majority of new smart phones come with a reader already installed. How easy is that!

A QR Code can be placed on just about anything from signs, catalogues, flyers, coupons, business cards, billboards and even clothing. When your prospective customer has an interest in your notice they just point their smart phone camera at the QR Code and 'scan' it. All the hard work is then done by their mobile as it interprets the QR Code and then sources the additional information that has been requested.
As you can see above, how you choose to make use of your QR Code is limited only by your imagination. Every day, savvy marketers are finding new and innovative ways of providing their customers with additional relevant information that they need to make a buying decision.

Don't be left out ... you can create a QR Code for any website or URL or create your very own Virtual Business Card. Fill in the form above to start generating your FREE QR Codes right now ... you may even win an iPad!
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